Best Dogs for Apartments

Don’t let your small space stand in the way of your big heart! Here are some things to consider when choosing the right dog for your apartment or small house. There is always room for a puppy or two in a cozy home!

Looking to find your ‘furever’ friend, but concerned about welcoming them into your small space?  There are a few things to consider when choosing the best dog for an apartment. 

Deciding to add a dog to your small apartment or home doesn’t have to be a gamble.  Considering a dog’s size is an important factor, however, you must also consider elements like energy level, noisiness, and friendliness in order to ensure that your perfect pup matches your lifestyle and living conditions.

For instance, smaller breeds take up less space but might fill an apartment complex with a sharp bark when excited or hyper.  Larger breeds with an easy-going temperament may require more exercise and playtime than your lifestyle has to offer.  Other dogs that are quiet and require less exercise/playtime may not fare well with unusual visitors or close-quarter neighbors.

If you are also looking for a pup that is particularly good with kids, check out this post where we review some of the top dogs for kids and families.


Now that we’ve wrapped our brain around some important aspects to consider, let’s dive into specific information on some of the many top-rated breeds for apartments and small homes.



Due to their small size, Chihuahua’s make excellent apartment dogs! Watch out in social situations as they can be skittish around strangers.  On a normal day, Chihuahuas need little exercise and love to spend time with their humans!



These cute and cuddly guys love chilling at home.  Be careful not to allow these lazy puppers too much couch time or obesity can become an issue.  Pugs are super playful but can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and climates due to their short snout. Their compact size and fun personality make them the perfect small place pup.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Looking for a loyal companion that welcomes lots of belly rubs and naps? Consider this cutie! Although some say potty training may take a bit longer with their breed, plenty of time outdoors and encouragement should do the trick! Medium in size but large at heart, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes for the ideal cozy home companion.



It doesn’t get much better than a sweet, shed-free, playful, and loyal Maltese for small apartments and homes.  Easy to train and bred for companionship, these babies love quality time with their owners as well as a good game of fetch! Their small size – weighing in from 7-13 pounds – along with their loving personality make this breed a great pick!

Yorkshire Terrier

According to the AKC, “Yorkies pack lots of big-town attitude into a small but self-important package”.  Their dainty size and hypoallergenic coat are the perfect combos for small apartments and homes.  Although they are feisty and can produce a somewhat yippee bark, their natural protective instinct can prove beneficial for security.

Chinese Crested

If you want to turn heads or are interested in a dog that matches your own edgy personality, consider the Chinese Crested.  These not-so-furry babies are extremely easygoing and are perfect for owners who spend time relaxing at home.  While you will need to be careful with sun exposure, you won’t have to worry about shedding or extensive grooming routines with these guys. 


Don’t let your small space stand in the way of your big heart! Check out our other blog posts and social media for more information on which breed is right for you!


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