Best Living Arrangements for Golden Retrievers

You want a golden retriever but you’re not sure if you’re living arrangement is right? Perhaps you live in a small apartment and don’t think you will have the room. Don’t say no just yet! We hope this article helps you find out if a golden retriever is right for you.  

Ranked #3 in breed popularity by the AKC, it’s no surprise that golden retrievers are one of the most sought after breeds for families all across the United States.  This includes families who live in small houses and apartments. But are golden retrievers a good fit for smaller living quarters?

Golden retrievers are a large dog breed with lots of love to give to their families.  They are great with kids and love spending time with their packs.  However, it’s important to note that this breed is packed with energy! Bred for hunting and water sports, they thrive in the outdoors, but also excel in channeling their energy into training and specialized work.  Golden retrievers serve well as service dogs for the blind and disabled and are frequently selected and trained as search and rescue dogs or contraband detectives.  With the energy and focus to support these skills as well as a game of fetch with their favorite humans, it’s vital that the golden retriever is given plenty of time and space to run, play, work, and sport.  Without it, they may engage in undesirable behavior to occupy their time and release pent up energy.

Despite differing opinions, golden retrievers can be a great fit for families in small living quarters if given plenty of quality exercise and playtime outdoors.  A more important factor than the size of living space for goldens is how much time they are required to spend alone at home. As a more sensitive breed, they much prefer spending quality time with their owners than snoozing alone.  While there are other excellent choices for breeds best suited for small houses and apartments, with sufficient opportunities to engage in play, training, and outdoor fun, the golden retriever can be a great fit for your family and smaller living quarters.

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