Best Practices for Feeding your Golden Retriever.

Jan 7, 2020

Golden Retrievers, like all other breeds, require proper nutrition and care to look and feel their best. We hope some of this content is valuable to you. Download our free breed guide at the bottom of this post for valuable information specific to the Golden Retriever.

Often times, due to busy schedules or the pressure to give in to the begging puppy dog eyes, owners fail to feed their golden retrievers properly. Like with most any dog breed, failure to feed your golden retriever properly can lead to various health issues.  Here are some guidelines to ensure your pup stays healthy and happy!

    • Make sure that your pup is eating a well-balanced, high-quality food that’s approved by your veterinarian.  Choosing a food with the correct combination of proteins, grains, fats, and other nutrients will make a tremendous difference in your golden retriever’s digestion, heart health, coat, and joint health.
    • Only feed your golden retriever during scheduled feeding times.  Leaving food out at all times encourages obesity and other health problems related to overeating.  Even though it seems easier to leave food out and let your pup call the shots, it’s definitely not in their best interest.
    • Ensure that treats are only given for special occasions like pottying outside, obeying commands, or behaving exceptionally. Treats are not formulated to be fed in excess to your pup and can have harmful effects on your dogs health when abused.  As always, when choosing treats, make sure to choose those with high quality ingredients that align with the nutritional needs specified by your veterinarian.
    • Be cautious when feeding your golden retriever human food.  While there are foods, like bananas, that are great options for your pup in moderation, there are also some that are highly toxic and even deadly such as grapes.  Make sure that you do your research and check with your veterinarian before adding any different foods to your dog’s diet. 

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