Can Dogs Eat Grapes? This Could Save Your Dog’s Life

As dog owners, we understand it is difficult to deny those cute puppy eyes when they beg for food. But please be very cautious with certain foods! Read our ‘What Can Dogs Eat?’ blog posts to learn about safe and unsafe foods.

So… can dogs eat grapes? While there are many fruits, veggies, and other human foods that are safe for your perfect pup to enjoy, grapes and raisins definitely do not make the cut.  Even in very small quantities, grapes can be fatal for your dog.  

Though it is uncertain exactly what substance in grapes is toxic, it is proven that acute kidney failure and the inability to produce urine are among the most serious complications that accompany grape and raising poisoning.  Other complications may include decreased appetite, lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea, tenderness in abdomen, dehydration, and increased thirst.  Make sure that you keep grapes and raisins out of your dog’s reach and also communicate clearly with small children the dangers associated with sharing them with your dog.    

If your furry friend gets ahold of a grape or raisin, call your vet ASAP! They will be able to instruct you on inducing vomiting if necessary or arranging an emergency visit with your pet.

We hope this post is helpful and potentially saves someone’s pup. Though dogs can’t eat grapes, there are fruits that are generally safe. Read our article regarding dogs and apples by clicking here.

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