Top Large Dog Breeds

Top Large Dog Breeds Though they may require more food, need more active attention, and take up more space, a large dog might be exactly what your family needs!  The large dog category typically includes breeds that weigh in over 50 pounds.  These big buddies love...

Cutest Dog Names. Foodie Edition: Savory!

Cutest Dog Names. Foodie Edition: Savory! Last time we talked about dog names that remind us of food, we talked about sweets. It’s time for… savory! If you’re into salty chips instead of chocolate cake, this list of names is for you. Cute dog names?...

Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Home Barkd Breeder Club Blog Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Golden Retrievers are some of the most beautiful dogs we’ve seen. One of their more recognizable features are their luscious golden locks. But like many other breeds, they shed their coat. Read this post to...

Best Dogs for Apartments

Best Dogs for Apartments Don’t let your small space stand in the way of your big heart! Here are some things to consider when choosing the right dog for your apartment or small house. There is always room for a puppy or two in a cozy home! Looking to find your...

Best Dogs for Kids

Best Dogs for Kids Making the decision to add a new furry member to your family is super exciting but can also be intimidating. We’ve compiled a list of the best dogs for kids and families so that you can confidently welcome the newest member of your pack. We’re...

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