A Pups Guide to Birmingham, AL

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Dog Activities in Birmingham Al

Top Dog-Friendly Activities in Birmingham, AL

If you’re journeying to Birmingham with your pup, worry not because there are a ton of dog-friendly activities to enjoy! Of course, there are plenty of restaurants that accommodate dogs. Apart from walking around the city and enjoying the upbeat city energy, here is a list of other dog-friendly activities to explore during your stay in Birmingham. 

Top Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Birmingham, AL

There are plenty of restaurants in Birmingham that are booming with flavor. If you brought your pet and would like to bring them along to dinner, here is a list of restaurants that people are raving about. They all deliver a twist on classic southern cuisine and provide you a meal made with only top-notch ingredients! As always, call ahead to ensure that any restaurant’s procedures haven’t changed (especially with the current COVID crisis). 

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