Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Golden Retrievers are some of the most beautiful dogs we’ve seen. One of their more recognizable features are their luscious golden locks. But like many other breeds, they shed their coat. Read this post to learn a little about the Golden Retriever and their beautiful coat.

Golden retrievers are best recognized by their luscious golden locks.  But do those locks shed? While there are many hypoallergenic dog breeds of all sizes, golden retrievers do not make that list. Goldens heavily shed their thick, water-repellant double coat once or twice a year, and they also shed more moderately on a continuous basis. During periods of heavy shedding, daily brushing is vital in preventing dog-hair covered furniture. On a more regular basis, brushing your golden retriever a few times per week can help them rid their loose hair and keep their coat looking shiny and fresh.  

Another way to help prevent excess shedding is by giving regular baths.  While golden retrievers only require occasional baths to keep their skin and coats clean, bathing more frequently is a great way to reduce the amount of loose hair in your home, car, and anywhere else that you spend quality time with your fur baby.  

Although golden retrievers are not hypoallergenic and are moderate shedders, there are ways to maintain their coats which can help keep the fur mess at a minimum.

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