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At Barkd, we understand finding English Bulldog puppies for sale is easy, but finding the right pup from a reputable breeder can be difficult. The good news is… you can do it! With the Barkd app we will guide you to the perfect English Bulldog pup for your family. Simply download our app and we will help match you with the perfect puppy for your lifestyle.

Barkd™ Breeder Club

Breeders who are part of the Barkd Breeder Club have completed a preliminary screening. Our preliminary screening process helps weed out puppy mills and non-ethical breeders, helping you connect with reputable, quality breeders. Reputable breeders provide health testing, proper socialization, excellent care, a clean and safe environment, and have positive reviews from previous customers. With Barkd, you can sleep comfortably knowing your English Bulldog puppy comes from a top-class breeder.

App will be available for download in May of 2020.

Barkd is not a reseller of puppies or a broker, we are a marketplace for reputable breeders that we have vetted to help find matches for their puppies. Buyers and sellers can openly communicate within our platform and securely handle transactions. Our goal is to ensure that both parties are happy and protected throughout the process of adopting a dog. 

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