Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Responsible Dog Breeder

Getting a dog is a pivotal point in one’s life. It’s easy to jump to convenience and purchase a dog from the store; however, consider your dog as part of your family (as it should be). It is important to ensure the well-being of all your family members. The best way to do that, before you even meet your pup, is to ensure you get that pup from a responsible breeder.

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How to Find a Responsible Breeder

Finding responsible breeders takes some patience but is well worth it in the end. You can find a responsible breeder through referrals or look for a breeder with some sort of good rapport within the breeding community. A responsible dog breeder will be transparent about every aspect of the breeding process. They will be patient and expect questions. A proper breeder will have no problem giving out information about the dog’s parents and letting you see the pups before adopting. A responsible dog breeder should ask questions to ensure that the pups are going to a responsible home. In the process of finding a responsible breeder, communication and transparency are key for both parties. A good breeder will provide the necessary documentation, provide the puppies with proper medical care and microchipping, and be open to answering questions once the puppy leaves their home. 

Questions to Ask a Breeder When Buying a Pup

One of the best ways to learn whether or not someone is a responsible breeder is by asking questions. A responsible breeder will be expecting questions and will be transparent with their potential buyer. A breeder that can easily and patiently answer all your questions is a breeder that cares for the wellbeing of their pups. Ask about the parents to give insight on how your pup will grow. Ask about the breeder’s experience and how often they have litters available. Overbreeding is not healthy for not only the mom but also the pups. You should also consider asking about how the puppies are brought up and about their health screens, vaccinations, and any medical procedures. Additionally, it’s important to ask about pedigree documentation and if the breeder has a specific sales contract and contact policy. Finally, ask about what the breeder’s expectations are of you as a prospective pup parent. 

How to Spot a Puppy Mill

Sadly, many people try to pose as reputable breeders when in fact they get their puppies from puppy mills. Puppy mills can be spotted through the rough conditions the dogs are raised in and the little regard that the “breeder” has when selling the pup. When buying a dog, it’s important to ask questions. A good breeder will be open and transparent, but a puppy mill breeder will typically have little regard for the wellbeing of their dogs. Moreover, they will likely not be willing to provide the buyer with pedigree information, health history, or a tour of where the puppy was brought up. Puppy mills will also not care who the dog goes home with. Puppy mills are for-profit and not for the well-being of the animals. Thus, a puppy mill breeder will not ask the buyer questions and may even be willing to ship the dog without first talking to potential buyers and learning about their financial and living situations. 

Why You Should Not Buy a Puppy from the Store

Stores often get their puppies from puppy mills. As discussed earlier, puppy mills breed based on numbers and profit and not for the wellbeing of the dogs. Additionally, pet stores allow almost anyone to buy their pups without first ensuring that the dog is going to a good home. Essentially, pet stores view their puppies as “inventory.” They are just worried about moving stock, and that’s where pet-leasing comes in and poor care of the animals. The puppies are left in small crates, have no socialization, and are much more difficult to crate-train. Additionally, it’s difficult to find parental or health history, meaning it’s difficult to know about behavior, temperament, or possible genetic conditions. 

Signs of a Backyard Breeder

A backyard breeder is someone who breeds dogs without the proper knowledge. They may have good intentions or are simply doing it for profit. Either way, a backyard breeder is someone who puts the welfare of the dogs in danger. Backyard breeders will not have hereditary information of the parents, will not allow visits, don’t provide documentation, don’t provide routine screening for the mother or the pups, and don’t care about the necessities of the pups, such as vaccinations and nutrition. The easiest way to combat a backyard breeder is to ask questions. As discussed earlier, a responsible breeder will be open and transparent about everything in regards to the breeding process. A backyard breeder will neglect to care for more than the transaction. 

How to Spot a Scammer

Pet Scammers come in many forms ranging from fake litters or sickly puppies. Perhaps the easiest way to spot a scammer is through the lack of communication or low price. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Not even most shelters offer free puppies because it takes money to ensure that any dog is in good health. It’s a worthy investment. Scammers will avoid questions, lack communication, and ask for payment through unsecured methods. Just like with spotting a good breeder you need to ask questions, the same thing goes for a scammer. Even if it is tempting to ship a pup from California to Ohio because it’s easier and more cost-effective than going there yourself, it’s much safer to see the pup you are about to adopt in person. It is important to take the necessary precautions, ask questions, and have proof that goes beyond an email or picture. 

The Importance of a Good Breeder 

Finding a good breeder takes work, but it’s well worth it. A good breeder works to ensure the health and happiness of both the pup and parent. Most importantly, they are not working for profit and have a genuine passion for their dogs. A good breeder shows the integrity that allows them to be trusted. After all, dogs are living beings and deserve respect. A great way to find reputable breeders is to work with apps like BARKD that provide you with security right off the bat. BARKD works with you to not only match you with the perfect pup for you and your family but also provides you with trusted breeders. There is security in BARKD as each breeder is screened for both the pedigree and care they provide. Your payment is secure through the app. It allows you to talk directly to the breeder while giving you peace of mind that the breeder is someone that can be trusted. 

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