The Importance of Good Breeders

When you buy a pup, the last thing on your mind may be the quality of a breeder. However, the quality of the breeder will equate to the health of your pup. It may seem irrelevant, but it’s one of the crucial steps to planning the arrival of a new dog. A good breeder will help you navigate the complicated world of breeding and provide you with a perfect companion. Finding a good breeder takes time, but this process is vital so remember to be patient. If you aren’t convinced about the importance of a good breeder, look below to see what a good breeder offers. 

How to spot a puppy mill

Healthy Puppy

The priority of a good breeder is the health of a puppy. A good breeder will do the necessary health screenings on both the parents and the pups. They will be able to provide you with a health guarantee and will have done everything in their power to prevent hereditary diseases. They provide the best environment for the pups to grow up in for the first 8 to 12 weeks of their lives. When the dog comes home with you, it will not only be socialized, healthy, and adorable but most importantly, it will be ready for a happy future. You won’t have to worry about its health, and you can jump right into helping it transition into your home. 


A good breeder will be able to provide you access to the dam and possibly the sire. They will have extensive health histories on both parents and have done the proper screenings to ensure genetic quality. You will also be able to see the parents. Seeing the parents is vital because the parents will be a good representation of how the pups will grow in both appearance and temperament. It’ll give you a good idea of what you’re getting into and if that’s a future you’re interested in. 

Perfect Fit

Each puppy has its own personality. There are ways to predict temperament and appearance, but character differs from pup to pup. A good breeder understands that and will help you pick the perfect puppy. Additionally, a good breeder will interview you to see if you are a good fit for the breed. They will help you understand what the breed requires and analyze if it fits your lifestyle. This interview process isn’t meant to be invasive. Instead, it is intended to ensure that both you and the pup are a perfect fit. 


In the sales contract of any good breeder lies a clause on what happens if you are no longer able to care for the pup. A good breeder will either take back the puppy or help you rehome it. A good breeder takes pride in their breeding practice. It takes a lot of investment of both time and money. Rightfully so, a good breeder will take care to offer help if things go astray. Additionally, most breeders encourage you to reach out if you have any questions. They are experts on the breed and will be open to helping with any issues that may arise. 

Stops Puppy Mills

Perhaps one of the overlooked reasons behind the importance of a good breeder is that it stops puppy mills’ destructive operations. Puppy mills produce pups like inventory without any regard for their welfare. By choosing to support good breeders, you are helping stop harmful operations.

How Does Barkd Fit In?

Responsible breeders are the motivation behind Barkd. We are an app that helps match you to a responsible breeder and the perfect pup. We understand the process is complex, and it takes a lot of patience. However, we also understand the importance of a good breeder. Barkd takes the work out of finding and vetting breeders, and it easily matches you to a pup based on your lifestyle needs. There are too many pups that end up in shelters due to the lack of responsible breeders. Also, there are so many internet scams that it becomes a scary process to avoid scammers or those posing as responsible breeders. We make it easier for both you and the breeder by taking out the extensive research process and offering secure payment methods. 

Both the breeder and any future owner want what’s best for the puppy, and we help make that happen. Too many people end up scammed or going home with a pup that’s not what they expected. Barkd believes that finding the perfect dog should be simple. Whether it be through adoption or a trusted breeder, everyone deserves to find the dog that perfectly matches their lifestyle.

Find the app here: Apple, Android.


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