Popular Dog Names Inspired by Birmingham, Alabama

If youre looking for Birmingham-inspired dog names or are interested to see what the most popular dog names in Birmingham are, weve got you covered.


Birmingham Dog Names

Most Popular Dog Names

Every year Rover provides a list of the most popular pet namesbased on their client database. These names often reflect the trends going around in the world or show what names remain favorited by pet owners simply because they are good dog names. According to Rover, here are the top dog names in Birmingham, Alabama:

For male dog names, the most popular names include Max, Charlie, Cooper, Tucker, Winston, Buddy, Bear, and Cooper.

Bella, Lucy, Sadie, Luna, Sophie, and Molly all top the charts for female dog names.

Other honorable mentions that have stuck around include Bandit, Boots, and Buck. Sportinspired names are also populardog names in Birmingham, especially with all the sports icons in Alabama. Sport-inspired names that are still popular in Birmingham include Barkley (after Charles Barkley) and Saban(after the famous Alabama football couch).

Creative Birmingham-inspired Dog Names

If the most popular dog names do not fit your pup, there are plenty more Birmingham-inspired dog names to choose from.


Birmingham is known as the “Magic City.” Birmingham gets its nickname from its rapid growth and industrialization. A dog named Magic from the Magic City would be an epic name to memorialize Birmingham roots.


Bama is a nickname for Alabama and is perfect for anyone that wants to show their adoration for the state.

Food-Inspired Names

Birmingham is a hub for excellent comfort food and delicious coffee. Foodrelated names like Shrimp, BBQ, Sammie, or Kona are always popular, especially with all the pup-friendly restaurants around town. What could be more perfect than sitting in the sun, drinking coffee, and enjoying a Birmingham morning with your pup (who also happens to be named Coffee)?


Birmingham is known for its urban green spaces, one of the largest being the Red Mountain Park. The park is also one of the best places to take your dog in Birmingham.


Iron production is at the heart of Birminghams history. Many of the places to visit youre your pup show some of this history. Interestingly, Birmingham is the only place globally with the naturally occurring raw materials necessary for creating iron. Sloss Furnaces was one of the city’s most prominent proponents in industrial growth in iron production and is now a National Historic Landmark. Names such as Sloss, Iron, or Steel are an epic way to show homage to the citys history.


Birmingham is known for the cast-iron statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of metalworking. The figure watches over the city day and night and is one of the most giant cast-iron statues in the world.


The Divinity of Light, known as Electra, adorns the top of the Alabama Power Building. Electra and Vulcans love story was told in the 1926 edition of the Birmingham Post.


Louise Wooster was one of Birminghams heroes during the 1873 cholera epidemic. She converted brothels into clinics, saving masses of people. If you want a strong female to name your pet after, Louise is a great option.

Rickwood, Rick, or Willie (or really any baseballrelated name)

If you’re a fan of baseball, you probably know that Birmingham is home to Rickwood Field. Apart from the field hosting manybaseball legends, including Birmingham-native Willie Mays, it is also known as America’s oldest baseball stadium.

Whiskey or Brandy

Birmingham underwent two prohibitions and had a considerable history of bootlegging. Many buildings once served as speakeasies or illicit distilleries. To commemorate Birmingham’s love for freedom, especially when it comes to alcohol, naming your dog Whiskey or Brandy or any alcohol-related name is an excellent tip of the hat to Birmingham’s back-to-back prohibitions. As a bonus, Birmingham has a ton of dog-friendly breweries.


Mercedes Benz chose Birmingham to build their first factory outside of Germany in 1995. Now the plant can be toured to get an in-depth history of the company. Birmingham isn’t only home to Mercedes Benz; it is also home to Barber Motorsports Park and its vintage motorcycle museum. Birmingham has a long history with cars, motorcycles, and racing.  Visiting any of these places will inspire a whole myriad of epic dog names.



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