Should I Get Another Dog?

Getting another dog is a very exciting process, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement without first considering if getting another dog is a good decision at the time. Asking yourself, “Should I get another dog?” is an awesome inquisition and here are a few more questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready for a new pup!

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Why do I want another dog?
Too much of a good thing doesn’t always result in more good. Dogs are a lot of work, and, although they are worth it, it’s important to have good intentions when adopting another dog, or any animal for that matter. If you find yourself wanting a dog because you’re upset or feeling impulsive, consider waiting to make sure this is really what you want. Perhaps your current dog has behavior issues and you think that getting another dog will solve these issues. This is often not the case, and tackling those behavior issues in your current dog is imperative before adopting another dog.

On the other hand, perhaps another dog is something you’ve wanted and planned for a long time. Maybe your current dog is very social and would do great with another dog in the house. These are all great reasons to get another dog.

Can I afford another dog?
Dogs are expensive, and getting another dog is doubling your yearly cost. Expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $5000 per dog per year, read our article on the cost of owning a dog for more details. If you’re financially stable and ready to take on any unexpected costs that can occur when adopting another dog, then that’s great! If you’re already scraping by and can’t really afford the veterinary and living costs for another dog, perhaps it’s a better idea to wait before getting another dog. Budgeting out costs for a year is a great way to see if you can afford another dog, and it’s a lot better than going into this commitment blindly.

Do I have the time to dedicate to training a new dog?
Training any dog takes time. Housetraining a puppy can take anywhere from 4-6 months, and the process of teaching and solidifying the basic commands such as sit, lay, come, stay, etc. can take up to a year. If you’re really busy at work and don’t have the time to stick to a schedule with your new dog, perhaps now is not the time to get another dog.

It’s also important to consider whether your current dog is completely trained. If your first dog is still in the process of learning and isn’t consistent with keeping up to your expectations, it’s going to be really difficult to train a new dog, especially if the older one is setting a bad example.

However, if you know the commitment it takes to train a dog and are ready to dedicate as much time as your new puppy will need, then you’re ready to get another dog.

Will my current pet get along with a new puppy?
Nothing is more heartbreaking than having a doggy adoption not work out so preventing this from the start helps ensure that both your old and new dogs will be happy. Introducing your current dog to a new puppy is a great way to see if they will get along. It’s good to schedule a meeting before finalizing an adoption. Consider how your current dog acts at the dog park. If your dog is already aggressive toward other dogs, this is a good sign that it probably wouldn’t get along with another dog.

How should I introduce a new dog?
If you’ve determined that you’re ready to introduce a new dog to your home, congratulations! The most important thing to remember is to have patience. Your two dogs might not get along right away. Your first dog will probably be apprehensive as a new dog is in its territory. Additionally, puppies will test the limits of older dogs, and both dogs will try to establish their dominance.

Establishing a meeting outside the home beforehand is a great first step to helping your two dogs get along. Additionally, allowing them to interact in a controlled setting at first is a good way to let the dogs get to know each other. This can be done while both dogs are on a leash. At first, keep the dogs separated while you’re not home. Crates are a great way to do this.

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