What do Golden Retrievers do for fun?

You know dogs love to play! At least mine won’t stop playing fetch or running around the house like crazy. But did you know that different breeds enjoy different activities and have fun in different ways??? Well, it’s true! 

Even wonder what your pup loves to do for fun?  Golden retrievers are a medium dog breed with tons of productive energy when it’s channeled correctly. Finding things your golden retriever likes to do for fun can help deter them from unacceptable behavior and bad habits.  

Bred for water sports, golden retrievers love spending time outdoors! Their coats provide protection from wet and cold environments and make them an excellent companion for exploring and hunting.  Often times, golden retrievers are selected for outdoor sport competitions for their ability to perform and follow commands with excellence.

Not only do they love to spend time in nature, but they also excel in channeling their energy into training and specialized work.  Golden retrievers serve well as service dogs for the blind and disabled and are frequently selected and trained as search and rescue dogs or contraband detectives. 

Aside from outdoor sporting and specialized training, golden retrievers also love spending time playing with their owners.  These pups are very family oriented and loyal to their pack, so enjoying a game of fetch or some friendly tug of war with their people is at the top of their list for fun. 

Overall, your pup is happiest when it’s spending time having fun with you.  Golden retrievers are the perfect combination of energy, loyalty, stamina, and smarts and continue to prove themselves as one of the top dog breeds in the world. 

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